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Pierre Cook began a career in commercial photography in 1965 in New Orleans after a brief experience with law school. In the process of photographing homes for Better Homes & Gardens in Houston, Atlanta, Miami and Dallas, Pierre moved his commercial studio to Houston in 1969 to form Cook-Scott Photography with Ron Scott, and ultimately Pierre Cook Photography a few years later. These and subsequent efforts produced high levels of commercial photography for a number of national and local clients as well as national advertising agencies and graphic designers. During his active professional career numerous awards were earned from various Art Director’s and design associations, for collateral and illustration work produced for such clients as Neiman-Marcus, Exxon Oil, Exxon Chemical, Better Homes & Gardens Magazine, Friendswood Development Corp., Shell Oil, Apartment Ideas Magazine, New Orleans Magazine, Playboy Magazine, Oui Magazine, Chicago Magazine, State of Louisiana, Tulane University and many other major national and regional clients and advertising agencies.

After some years involved in the commercial real estate business and a semi-retirement condition interest has been focused on total re-involvement in photography focusing on clientele capable and interested in corporate photography more as a fine art product than is the usual outcome, and personal photographic projects of long standing dedication. Pierre holds a BS degree in Political Science and Public Administration from The University of St. Thomas, Houston, Texas, is 77 years old and is in good health. Pierre lost his wife Beth to breast cancer in February 2012 and has two daughters and two grandsons. Traveling for photographic purposes is the primary activity in support of personal project completions.

Born 1940 Honolulu, Hawaii
Currently lives in Houston, Texas, USA
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